Saturday, October 4, 2008

The week in games: September 29 to October 3, 2008

Or a highly selective summary of what happened in the world of videogames this past week, for anyone who doesn’t religiously follow the newsfeeds. I’ve picked out one news story per (working) day, with links to either the original or the most interesting source for further reading.

Monday 29 September
Kids want games for Christmas
According to a US game retailer, 9 out of 10 kids and teens polled in a sample of just under 1000 want a game for Christmas. No surprises there. Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Mario Kart were top of the wish list.

Tuesday 30 September
Xbox 360 charges ahead in the UK
The recent price drop for the Xbox 360 has seen its sales soar, doubling those of the PS3 in the subsequent fortnight, according to Microsoft. The prize for second place in the console wars may be won this Christmas, in the UK at least.

Wednesday 1 October
Horror game Silent Hill: Homecoming won’t publish in Australia
Australians gamers over the age of 15 are up in arms after being denied another game due to archaic censorship laws that mean the highest age rating is 15. I reached the original article by following this link.

Thursday 2 October
New all-singing, all-dancing DS announced
Nintendo unveils a new model of the DS in Japan, maintaining its strategy of upgrading hardware that’s still selling bucketloads. The new DSi will have a camera, the capacity to play music off SD memory cards and will be able to download software. It’s coming to Europe next year.

Friday 3 October (ongoing)
Game company executives seem to prefer the Democrats has a list of donors to political campaigns in the US, including that of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a proponent of the view that videogames are causing a decline in the moral health of the nation’s children.

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