Saturday, October 25, 2008

The week in games October 20–24, 2008

Or a selective summary of what happened in the world of videogames this week, for anyone who doesn't religiously follow the newsfeeds. I've picked out a handful of news stories, with links to either the original or the most interesting source for further reading.

Max Payne film slated

Surely not! It’s not especially newsworthy for a game-based movie to get poor reviews (see the Rough Guide to Videogames for a whole catalogue of disasters). The movie has performed pretty well at the US box office but is somewhat flawed if the views of 3D Realms, developer of the Max Payne games, are anything to go by. The tale of a rogue ex-cop set on revenge in a noirish world with a Norse edge, it may not be as good as the game, but is it all bad? Some of Game|Life’s readers kind of liked it. It’s not out here for another few weeks, but I think I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD. 

New Star Wars MMO game details unveiled

There's already a Star Wars MMO, but this one comes from BioWare, who created the hugely popular Xbox RPG Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel. So far a PC-only game, it's long been rumoured to be in production and was even quoted as the reason for EA buying BioWare last year. Less high fantasy and more space opera, it could offer a genuine reason to leave World of Warcraft, at least that’s what EA is counting on. Gamespot has the most detailed story.

Sony issues a profit warning …

Sony is feeling the effects of the global economic downturn, especially in its electronics and movie divisions. The strength of the yen is also a contributing factor since exports are so crucial to Sony’s business. It remains to be seen how games will fare.

… while Microsoft reported record profits

Specifically for its own gaming business, helped along by the recent price cuts.

London Games Festival 08 begins

In its third year, the LGF offers more events than ever, ranging from last night’s opening Video Games Live concert (more on that later) to a hands-on with Little Big Planet, a careers fair, an EA event in Trafalgar Square, a movie, anime, manga and games show at the MCM expo at ExCel, and an accompanying Fringe Festival. All the events are listed at the official site.

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