Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Win a Wii (and the Rough Guide to Videogames) via Gamespot.com

Yes, another competition but this time you don't have to do anything except send in your name. And live in the continental US or Canada. It's totally effort (and cost) free.

The ad apparently looks like this on various pages at Gamespot, but I can't see it as I'm based in the UK and automatically get UK-based advertising.

I've checked it out at the page the ad links to, which works too.

Simply because it's so great, I'm also posting here an ad from GamePro magazine's Fall 2008 Wii Gamers' Guide special issue (below) - it's right by the article that tells you how to win at Wii Fit without breaking a sweat. Thanks to Rough Guides US, and especially Nancy Lambert.

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