Thursday, August 14, 2008

Radio Live Transmission (not)

I've just got back from Radio 2's central London studios, where Claudia Winkleman's The Weekender show is produced. I was on to talk about the Rough Guide to Videogames, with Will, a male teenage gamer, alongside for contrast. He had read the book and liked it, although he said there were too many words for him. You can't blame him, he's still in school and it must have seemed too much like homework. What surprised me was that his favourite game, out of the thousands he could have chosen, is the same as mine – Final Fantasy VII. Not so much contrast as you might expect.

I had been prepared to talk about violence in games, about Grand Theft Auto and the pink DS. But instead I talked about Brain Training and my Mum, and ended up effusing about Okami's design. Who knows which snippets of embarrassment will make it onto the actual show. Hopefully the book will come across OK.

If you want to hear me talk about games with Claudia "Is Tetris a game?" Winkleman, it's on Friday August 29 from 10pm till midnight on BBC Radio 2. You can listen to it live online via the iPlayer console.

Claudia was lovely, in case you're wondering. And so was George Lamb, who I saw in the foyer.

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